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Gisteren was het precies 10 jaar geleden dat DJ/Remixer/Producer Peter ?Hithouse- Slaghuis overleedt aan de gevolgen van een auto-ongeluk.

[img1][/img1]Deze deejay staat bekend als de persoon die als een van de eersten ?House? introduceerde in Nederland en sterker nog, de eerste vaderlandse house-productie staat tevens op zijn naam. Titel: Samplification uitgebracht onder de naam ?Wise Guys?. Als vaste deejay van de Rotterdamse discotheek ?Bluetiekinn? was deze man een inspiratiebron voor velen. DJ Paul Elstak o.a. heeft de kunst van het mixen door deze man onder de knie gekregen. Tevens was Peter Slaghuis verantwoordelijk voor de productie van het album van ?Holy Noise? waar de hits ?JB is still alive?, ?Get down everybody? en ?The Nightmare? vanaf kwamen. Dit album werd op z?n eigen label ?Hithouse? uitgegeven
.Slaghuis was al vanaf 1984 bezig met het mixen van muziek, van Madonna tot Michael Jackson. Tot hij eind jaren ?80 de nieuwe uit Amerika overgewaaide stroming ontdekte: House! In 1989 maakte hij de house-klassieker ?Jack to the sound of the underground?, die recent nog door o.a. de Klubbheads geremixed werd. Dit was z?n grootste hit en verkocht wereldwijd duizenden exemplaren. Een ander leuk weetje is dat zijn remix van ?Kelly Charles? ?Your no good for me? later gesampled zou worden door niemand minder dan ?The prodigy? voor het nummer ?No Good?.
In zijn korte leven heeft deze man heel veel bijgedragen voor de Nederlanse house-scene zoals wij die tegenwoordig kennen. Maar ja helaas?



Friday, May 11

Hit House Peter Slaghuis

Peter Slaghuis is a meteor in the world of dance music in mid and late eighties.
Based in Holland, Slaghuis gets known in the world of underground djs for his fourteen albums of "Disco Breaks", and builds a credibility with a series of remixes, like Abba's "Lay all your love on me", Maria Vidal's "Body rock" and especially the one the million selling Nu Shooz hit "I can't wait", in 1986. In 1984 he is also involved in dance act The Video Kids, releasing the single "Woodpeckers from space".
When the house music phenomenon reaches Europe, not only Slaghuis is one of the first dutch deejays to spin house (at the Blue-tiek Inn in Rotterdam, in team with Leon M.Terlouw,

which will also be his partner for several projects on the Rotterdam-based Hotsound label) but also one of the pioneers of sampling, with a couple of 1988/89 hits made under the name Hithouse. His first hit record is "Jack to the sound of the underound" (the term "jack" comes from Chicago house slang and recalls the act of frenetically dancing to a house beat - see US titles like Steve "Silk" Hurley's "Jack your body") and at the beginning it lifts some samples from Coldcut's "Say kids what time is it". The track goes to no.14 in the UK charts. "Jack to the sound..." also is one of the first records to have an "acid" remix treatment, and finally the track itself gets sampled on Italian underground dance hit "Judicta" by Mod n.4.
The sequel ("Move your feet to the rhythm of the beat") isn't equally lucky. The formula is basically the same (a catchy hi-energy loop covered with a collection of samples) but it lacks of those catchy hooklines that were present in the first one. One of these was a large excerpt of Kelly Charles' "You're no good for me".After these two singles and a bunch of some other minor productions (like a weird remix of Lynn Collins' version of the classic Isley Brothers-penned "Shout", obscure dj-only mixes like a DMC remix of Madonna's "La Isla Bonita" and the Holy Noise project with his dj friend Paul Elstak, later known as the godfather of gabber and owner of Rotterdam Records), Hithouse mixes one of the versions of the Technotronic megahit "Pump up the jam" (both acts were on the same Benelux label, Ars) before disappearing into legend.
Peter Slaghuis sadly dies in a car accident a couple of years later, but honest historians of dance music will never be able to deny that he gave a small -but essential- contribution to the birth of sampling and electronic scene. The Kelly Charles sample resurfaces in 1994, as the vocal hook on a major international hit: "No good" - by none else than The Prodigy.
It won't even be the last time. The same idea is recycled in 1998 by a German production, Bruce Wayne's "No good for me".

I Will always Remember Peter Slaghuis , and what he contributed to the House Scene

One of my favorite House Tunes Ever "Jack To The Sound Of The Underground"